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Best way to convert raw to jpeg for mac

More and more digital cameras nowadays make us easy  to shoot photos in the RAW format. It should be noted though that RAW is not really for everyone. In most case, you need to convert them to JPEG for the web, printing etc. Photos in the RAW format product the highest possible quality, and require a lot of post-precessing, and cannot be viewed by popular means. They provide a greater dynamic range, no compression applied, and with proper image processing the resulting image comes out with the unprecedented quality. Photos in the RAW format are not suitable for printing, are not suitable for the web and in general require a lot of time and patience for being processed by your computer. JPEG is a world widely used format recognized by any apps. Photos in JPEG format are well compressed and still preserve decent quality where the data loss is not too obvious to a human eye. Converting RAW photos to jpeg you make them acceptable to be further manipulated and suitable for printing, the web. May be you can send your photos by email or upload them to the web and convert them to JPEG. This option would take very longer to upload the larger files, and may raise privacy issues. Luckily, you have other options for MAC OS X

Information about RAW Converter 2

Converting RAW to JPEG is not always an easy task, because different cameras may have very different types of the RAW format produced. RAW Converter 2 supports a really wide range of cameras, you can click to view RAW format specifications.  With RAW Converter 2,  no professional skills required. It's very easy to use. You batch drag file into apps, and then click convert them. Take a rest for coffee, no worry, It quickly and intelligently handles everything. 

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