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1Click Duplicate Finder

Quickly and easily remove duplicate files, reclaim wasted disk space on HDD, SSD or the cloud, and speed up your computer. 1Click Duplicate Finder is a powerful application that uses smart technology to identify all types of duplicate files. Its super-simple drag-and-drop interface and intuitive scan mode make deleting identical files a breeze!

Latest version 2.8.0

Requires Mac OS 10.10 or later

Find and delete duplicates

1Click Duplicate Finder is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to keep their computer clean and organized. It is designed to find and delete duplicates of all types, saving you valuable space and time. With its intuitive interface and advanced search options, finding and eliminating duplicates has never been easier. 

Find and delete large files

Just like duplicates and similars, large files are space wasters. Deleting large files is the best way to reclaim more space instantly. But finding these items can be time-consuming. 1Click Duplicate Finder can quickly do the job for you - it has large and old files modules to find and remove the heaviest files.

Find and delete duplicate photos

As a duplicate photo finder and remover, 1Click Duplicate Finder can quickly analyze your entire photo library and identify duplicate or similar photos. By removing unnecessary similars and duplicates, you can reclaim valuable storage space and ensure all of your photos are organized and easily accessible.

Get rid of cluttered photo library

Large photo collections tend to have a lot of duplicate and similar photos, and if they are cluttered, they can get out of control. The best way to keep them sorted is to remove useless duplicate and similar photos. 1Click Duplicate Finder is designed to quickly find and smart select duplicate and similar photos, and delete them with one click

Delete duplicates in three steps

1Click Duplicate Finder only takes 3 steps to quickly and safely delete duplicates. With the smart selection technology, you can customize automatic selection rules, then 1Click Duplicate Finder automatically select duplicate files and keep the original content complete. Duplicates can be moved to garbage, custom folders or permanent deletion.

Scan duplicates


Report duplicates


delete duplicates


Safety and fast identify duplicates

Finding duplicate files is a hectic task when you have millions of files spread all over your computer. To check if two files are duplicates of each other, we should do a one-to-one check for the suspect files. Thanks to the built -in efficient and accurate algorithm, 1Click Duplicate Finder can complete and search tens of thousands of files in one minute without making mistakes

Nothing will be deleted without confirmation

1Click Duplicate Finder can prevent accidental deleting files through two mechanisms. First, the duplicates cannot be deleted without confirmation. In case of deleting them, them can also recover from the recycling station

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1Click Duplicate Finder

1Click Duplicate Finder performs fast scans, quickly identifying and flagging duplicate files. With smart automatic selection rules, it helps you weed out those useless duplicates, saving you space and time. Best of all, 1Click Duplicate Finder ensures that duplicates are removed safely, leaving behind only the files you need.

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