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1Click Screen Recorder - Best screen recorder with audio

1Click Screen Recorder is a lightweight screen recorder for Mac that gives you the ease and flexibility to start and stop screen recording on M1 and M2 MacBooks. It's so simple and intuitive that you don't need to spend any time learning how to use it.

Latest version 4.2.0

Requires Mac OS 10.10 or later

4K high-quality screen recording

With 4K Ultra HD and frame rates up to 120FPS, 1Click Screen Recorder ensures your gameplay recordings are smooth and outstanding. At the same time, the video is automatically compressed during the recording process to save more space.

Record any part of your screen on Mac

Record anywhere on your Mac screen, whether it's the entire screen, a specific window, a portion of the screen, or a custom area. 1Click Screen Recorder ensures your screen recordings are informative and engaging.

Screen recording with audio on Mac

Record anything on your Mac screen with perfect digital audio. 1Click Screen Recorder can record the screen with sound, or just record the screen without sound. It allows you to create professional-looking video presentations in just a few clicks.

Personalize screen recordings with watermarks

1Click Screen Recorder provides text and image watermarks to personalize your screen recordings. Use your unique watermark to protect your screen recordings from unauthorized use.

Save screen recordings with best quality and compatibility

Encode screen recording directly into MP4 format, saving space and computer resources, without affecting computer performance, and achieving high-quality recording. At the same time, the MP4 format has great compatibility, and it is also very convenient to share to Youtube and Vimeo.

User friendly and Stylish Interface

With its stylish and user-friendly interface, 1Click Screen Recorder makes it incredibly easy to record your screen - whether you're capturing a presentation, gameplay footage, or anything else - with just a few clicks.

1Click Screen Recorder background

1Click Screen Recorder - Best Screen Recorder on Mac

1Click Screen Recorder is a high quality screen recorder on Mac that allows you to capture any part of the screen with audio. It is easy to use, and the MP4 recording format is well compatible with YouTube and Vimeo for easy sharing.

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