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How to increase mp3 volume on mac

How to increase mp3 volume on mac
10 August, 2019

Music is undoubtedly indispensable in our modern life, and MP3 is the world widely popular format of music. But due to some reasons, we'll be stuck in the case where we find the MP3 volume too quiet. So how do you increase the MP3 volume on mac? In this guide, we'll show you a simple, yet power solution to increase mp3 volume on mac.

We usually spent a few hours downloading a collection of music, and though it turned out that the volume of some MP3 are too quiet and barely audible. To increase these MP3 volume on mac, we expended too much effort and finally solved it. If you have the same problem, in order to save your time, the following step-by-step tutorial will certainly be easy to solve this problem.

To increase MP3 volume on mac, you should have a professional tool. MP3 Gain 4 is my favorite tool for increase mp3 volume on mac,  this tool is easy to use, yet power.

1. Download MP3 Gain 4 

2.Open MP3 Gain4 program

3.Drag all MP3 file which want to increase volume into program

4.Set the output loudness, in most case, you do not need to do so, just use default.

5.Click gain button to Start.

More information about MP3 Gain 4

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