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How to convert .cr2 into .jpg for mac

The CR2 (Canon Raw Version 2) file format is the file format Canon digital camera save raw images in. In most case, we should batch convert them into jpeg for share and store. 

The CR2 files are generally high-quality. Apart from being high-quality, CR2 files are also uncompressed, and are also consequently quite large in size, especially compared to other image files in other formats.

Unfortunately, none image viewing applications for the Mac OS Operating System do not generally support CR2 files and cannot open them. That being the case, how CR2 files can be converted into JPG (the most common file format for images) files is something that many wonder. Thankfully, batch converting a CR2 file into a JPG file on a Mac computer is pretty easy with RAW Converter 2, you do not need upload any file to any site.  Just drag the CR2 files into application, and then click convert them.  Do you want to try?

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