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How to convert flac to mp3 on mac

Nowadays, all audio devices and multimedia players support mp3 playback. Only a few of them currently support FLAC. Luckily, there is many ways you can convert FLAC to MP3 on Mac. This article describes a quick and easy way to convert flac to mp3 on mac.

FLAC is a lossless music format.The resulting mp3 file may not sound as nice, but at least you can play it. Here’s how to Convert FLAC to MP3 on mac.

Use MP3 Converter Pro

MP3 Converter Pro is a easy yet power mp3 converter on mac. It can convert any audio format to mp3 format. You can download it here, free to try. Once you installed, open it.

Step1: Select FLAC Files

Click the label "Click here or drag file to start" to open the browse dialog, you can browse your computer flac files and select specifics flac files want to convert.

Step2: Select audio quality you want

There is two target for you, the one you can set the bitrate(CBR) to control the quality, the other you can set quality by Variable bitrate mode(VBR). Any way you choose, the encoder will perform the best result for you.

Step 3: Choose where to save the mp3 files 

Use the default output folder "Music Directory", you can also custom the output path.Click the custom, and then open a dialog where you can browse folder for output.

Step 4: Convert!

Once you’ve selected the files to convert and a folder to send the new files to, just hit the button with a sync symbol to start the encoding process. It will be well done in a few second.

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