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Volume booster on mac


Music is an integral part of modern life. We are usually spend a lot of time to download some favorite music. Unluckily, when we opened our downloaded music with excitement, the volume was too low to hear, and can't boost volume any more.What should we do? We don't have the time and expertise to modify these files. This article describes an easy-to-use software that can boost volume in batches on mac - MP3 Gain

How to convert flac to mp3 on mac


Nowadays, all audio devices and multimedia players support mp3 playback. Only a few of them currently support FLAC. Luckily, there is many ways you can convert FLAC to MP3 on Mac. This article describes a quick and easy way to convert flac to mp3 on mac.

How to convert ogg to mp3 on mac


MP3 Converter Pro on mac is the fast and professional tool to convert ogg to mp3 on mac. With it, you can batch convert ogg to mp3 fast.

Batch convert dng to jpg on mac


Many photographer convert raw photos to dng format for Photoshop or LightRoom. But how can we do to batch convert dng to jpeg? JPEG files are more popular, smaller, higher compatibility than dng files. If we convert dng to jpg one-by-one with Photoshop, that would be a very time consuming job. Luckily, we cannot do that. With RAW Converter 2, we can easily and efficiently complete this job.

Best way to convert raw to jpeg for mac


More and more digital cameras nowadays make us easy  to shoot photos in the RAW format. It should be noted though that RAW is not really for everyone. In most case, you need to convert them to JPEG for the web, printing etc.

Best Raw photo editor on mac


Nowadays, more and more digital camera give user a chances that shot graphics in the RAW file format. A RAW file contains all the information that has been recorded by the sensor for any given shot.RAW photo editor is very important and necessary. This article will show you how to edit raw photo with the best raw photo editor, a simple and power tool, do not require professional skills.

How to increase mp3 volume on mac


Music is undoubtedly indispensable in our modern life, and MP3 is the world widely popular format of music. But due to some reasons, we'll be stuck in the case where we find the MP3 volume too quiet. So how do you increase the MP3 volume on mac? In this guide, we'll show you a simple, yet power solution to increase mp3 volume on mac.

How to convert wav to mp3 on Mac


WAV music files are well supported in Mac devices. You may want to convert a WAV file because these audio files are typically larger in size than MP3 files. Therefore, if you want to save memory on your hard drive, this conversion may be necessary.

How to convert .cr2 into .jpg for mac


The CR2 (Canon Raw Version 2) file format is the file format Canon digital camera save raw images in. In most case, we should batch convert them to jpg for share and store. 

Best way to convert youtube video to mp3


Many people download the favorite music videos  from Youtube site. In most case, only music is needed for MP3 Player such as iPod. We need batch convert them to mp3 fast 

Best way to convert NEF to JPEG


NEF is one of raw image file format made by Nikon cameras. It contains the metadata like camera and lens model and is not convenient for share. JPEG file format is widely used, but loss quality.How to convert NEF to JPEG with least quality lost?This article introduce a best way to convert NEF to JPEG.

RAW Camera Supported


List raw converter, raw converter pro supported camera

RAW-Converter 1.5.0, RAW-Converter Pro 1.5.0


RAW-Converter 1.5.0, RAW-Converter Pro 1.5.0 has been release in Mac App Store.

iSnapshot has released 3.1.0


A new version of iSnapshot has released. 

This version add some useful feature, such as save snapshot directly, merge into PDF.

Also, fixed some bugs and improve compatibility.

Apple File System - mac OS High Sierra first tasted


Apple released the latest operating system macOS High Sierra on June 6. It is available at this fall, at that time, users can download and install. The system uses a new file system, Apple File System.According to Apple, it uses a new 64-bit architecture that designed for today's flash technology, and also ready for tomorrow's new storage capabilities. With Apple file system, duplicating a file and finding the size of a folder's contents faster. Enjoy even more peace of mind with built-in encryption, crash-safe protections, and simplified data backup on the go.What about it? Let us experience as soon as possible.

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