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Batch convert dng to jpg on mac

Many photographer convert raw photos to dng format for Photoshop or LightRoom. But how can we do to batch convert dng to jpeg? JPEG files are more popular, smaller, higher compatibility than dng files. If we convert dng to jpg one-by-one with Photoshop, that would be a very time consuming job. Luckily, we cannot do that. With RAW Converter 2, we can easily and efficiently complete this job.

Batch convert dng to jpeg on mac

Raw Converter 2 is a professional raw converter, yet easy to use, no professional skills require. With it, batch convert dng to jpeg is very easy. You can follow the steps below :

1. Download RAW Converter 2 from official site.

2.Open RAW Converter 2 program.

3.Drags or imports dng files which you want to convert into program.

4.Click convert button to batch convert dng

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